• Found another way to transform photo's

    I am on a facebook page which covers just the state I live in.
    Well one of the members posted up this photo and as soon as I seen it I knew I had to learn it.
    I got a rundown on just what to do and it is basically the Blur and Distort filters to get what you are after.

    Needless to say I set myself to have a go at it and a sbort time later I had the start of my first one.
    The you can play around with it to get a few different ones for the 1st spin off and away you go.
    Your imagination is your limit, and I am okay on that point as my imagination is really good I think.
    So here is what I have done and I am starting with the original photo.

    The humble beginning's

    The 1st edit of it

    Now to me this is working out really nicely

    This is my wallpaper on my laptop

    The Lotus flower is what I see here

    Fireworks but I really like this new way to make further use of a photo.
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