• Sony a7ii shutdown

    Just installed the latest update a few days ago...ver3.30

    Was using camera the other night, and swapped out battery(yes, it is a Sony battery) as my battery was getting low in the percentage(I believe it was at 19%). All good right up until that point....

    When I turned the camera back on, it hesitated for almost 5seconds. And when it did power up, it asked me to enter date/time and to visit the PlayStore! Apparently, the camera decided to completely reset itself? The data on the SD card was still there, and the version still showed 3.30........but everything else was back to 'factory settings'.

    Has anyone else had this happen to them?
    Has Sony decided to 'unfix' something in the camera? (I'd really rather not have to reset my settings, in the dark, outside, ugh)

    Anyho....this is some of what I was working on. Already shared the photo on Jays' FaceBook 'page thing'

    Scott (uncompressed data is more fun) B
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