• SAL Photography Challenge #16 - Holiday

    Once in a while you get a different picture opportunity. This next one was taken on Christmas morning. I still had a pumpkin outside from last Halloween and I found it nearly covered in snow/ice in the rising sun. I thought the color (and season) contrast was worth a few shots.

    Mixed seasons by Stef, on Flickr

    A6000 + vintage Tamron SP 90mm/2.8 macro lens, approx f/10. The trick in shooting snow is to overexpose by 1-2 EV, based on how much white is present. This is somewhat counter-intuitive but you have to battle your light meter that is looking for an overall flat grey response. In a bright scene, the meter is telling you to lower the exposure so you have to go the other way to get it right.

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    Here are a few more from our Christmas trip. We are at a place called Dream World.
    Hi Gramps,

    It feels weird to me to see your Christmas without snow. Interesting but weird. I know some people around here who escape to Florida or somewhere south to get away from our cold misery but not me. It's a pain to shovel all that white mess but the air feels so good. No bugs either. The hardest part is not seeing the sun for long periods and getting around can be difficult.

    Cheers and Happy New Year everybody!

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