• Latest Sony Rumors

    Latest rumors courtesy SAR:

    1) At least one NEX-FF will be announced in October.
    2) The camera will be displayed at the PhotoPlus show in New York City which starts on October 23.
    3) The NEX-FF has a NEX-7 shape but it’s a tiny bit bigger
    4) There will be a second (cheaper) NEX-FF model. We don’t know yet if it will be announced in October or a couple of months later (early 2014).
    5) There will be an ILCE-7 or A7 E-mount APS-C and DSLR shaped camera (we don’t know yet if it will be announced in October or in early 2014. But the chances are good it’s coming in October already)
    6) There will be a Full Frame ILCE-9 or A9 (also here we don’t know if it will be announced in October or early 2014).
    7) There will be new FE (“F”ull Frame “E”-mount) lenses. The Zeiss 35mm f/2.8, the Zeiss 55mm f/1.8, a 24-70mm Zeiss, a cheaper kit zoom and maybe another portrait lens (85mm f/1.8).
    8) 70-200mm GII A-mount lens (October or early 2014)
    9) Sony RX10 will be announced in October (likely an APS-C fixed lens camera)
    -> 10) SR4: Although not coming via my own sources I am now pretty confident that a new NEX-7R will be announced soon too! Hope trusted sources can confirm it so that I can rank it SR5!
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