• A7 after 6 foot fall onto asphalt!

    Before sending the camera in, I decided that the bent E-mount was causing the native lenses to become useless.
    The bend also meant that focal plane was shifted, as a result I could only shoot close subjects in focus. 3rd party lenses had no infinity. A simple amazon purchase of a Fotodiox Tough E-mount did the trick. Here's the process & results.

    I prepared my tools and went to work. An eye-glass repair screwdriver/flathead. Flathead worked better.

    It was quite scary to remove the screws. I covered the sensor opening with the foam padding they provided in the packaging. This prevented screwed from falling in. I could've taped it as needed to the camera but ... I'm not that meticulous.

    Removed the two E-mount pieces. The plastic part is black. That piece supposedly gives the A7 series the famous "wobble".

    I left the exposed screw shaft in the bottom right because it gives it more strength. It's not important overall, but with a simple eye-glass repair kit screw I'll replace it.

    All native lenses work again. Auto-focus, EXIF Data, etc.

    Few scuffs on the body, lens hood, and eye cup is not bad for what happened. I had a photography event yesterday and shot it with my Nikon, but I was a little sad I couldn't use the Sony for any of it.

    Sony remains as my compact travel companion.
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