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September 23, 2011

DXOMark A77 Sensor Score Results are in: Sony A77 on Par with Canon and Nikon Full Frames!!!

Courtesy of  SonyAlphaRumors, DXOmark just posted the Sony A77 Sensor Scores and it rates on par with the Full Frame Canon and Nikon’s!!  Canon and Nikon must be shacking in there boots now. All these rumors that the translucent mirror killed image quality, and it’s still right there with Canon and Nikon’s Full Frame sensors!! I’m super excited about these results and now I really can’t wait to get my hands on the A77 🙂 The results speak for themselves!!

Sony A77 vs Canon EOS 5D Mark II vs Nikon D700

Apart from a lower Lowlight ISO score due to its translucent mirror, the Sony A77 comes really close to these full-frame cameras. This shows that even if the full-frame format dominated the high end market when launched, they have now lost a big part of the advantage. They are closely followed if not overtaken by the best APS-C cameras like the Sony SLT A77. So, it may also be time for this category to see new models taking advantage of the latest sensor technologies.

Click for a nice large version!

DXOMark Sensor Score - A77 vs Nikon D700 vs 5D Mark II

DXOMark Sensor Score – A77 vs Nikon D700 vs 5D Mark II

 Sony A77 vs Nikon D7000 vs Canon EOS 7D

In this category, the very good EOS 7D seems a bit behind now. It could be the right timing for Canon to bring a successor. The comparison with the Nikon D7000 is similar to the Sony Alpha 580 as they both use the same Sony sensor.

Click for a nice large version!

DXOMark Sensor Score - Sony A77 vs Nikon D700 vs Canon 7D

DXOMark Sensor Score – Sony A77 vs Nikon D700 vs Canon 7D

Sony SLT A77 vs Sony SLT A55 vs Sony Alpha 580

The A77 gets a good Lowlight Score of 801, especially if you keep in mind that the translucent mirror takes away part of the light coming in. This is the main reason behind the better Lowlight ISO score of the Alpha 580, which features a standard mirror mechanism. If you want to know more about this, you can read this detailed comparison of the Sony A35 vs the Alpha 580.

As we can see in the comparison, this Lowlight Score is very similar to the A55 which got a 818. This shows that Sony managed to keep the same excellent level of noise despite the reduced size of each pixel on the sensor.

We can also notice that, with its ISO 50 and its ISO 80, the Sony A77 can make stunning images in term of dynamic and colors thanks to its very good Dynamic Range and Color Depth.

DXOMark Sensor Score - A77 vs A55 vs A580

DXOMark Sensor Score – A77 vs A55 vs A580

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