Scott Kelby’s “The Digital Photography Book” Vol #2 is a excellent book for Photographers looking to get the most out of there camera!Ā  Scott Kelby puts tons of killer scenarios together, and then step-by-step walks you through how to shoot it like a pro šŸ˜‰ I know it might sound silly, but it really is excellent. He goes over so many different topics that you are bound to get inspired to try something new within a few pages of reading. Scott covers flash, building a studio from scratch, shooting portraits like a pro, shooting landscapes like a pro, shooting weddings like a pro, shooting travel like a pro, shooting macro like a pro, pro tips for getting photos and more photo recipes to help you get the shot. The best part of this book is each tutorial is only a page or two and he throws in some laughs to keep it lively.

I cannot recommend this book enough, and it’s very affordable at ~$15, US considering how much killer information is inside!!


Table Of Contents:


Using Flash Like A Pro

10 Things You Wished You Had Known Before Reading This Book!
Here Are Those Last Three Things
Pop-Up Flash: Use It As A Weapon
The Advantages Of A Dedicated Flash
Get Your Flash Off With Your Camera
Making Your Flash Wireless
Going Wireless (Nikon), Part I
Going Wireless (Nikon), Part II
Going Wireless (Canon), Part I
Going Wireless (Canon), Part II
“Drag The Shutter” To See More Background
How To Soften The Light From Your Flash
Softer Light By Bouncing It
Softbox-Quality Light From Your Flash
Tip For Shooting Through A Diffuser
Putting That Nice Twinkle Of Light In The Eyes
Why You Might Want A Stand For Your Flash
Mounting Flashes Anywhere
Rear Synch Rocks (& Why You Should Use It)
The Fourth Secret To Pro Flash Results
Using Gels (& Why You Need Them)
Using Gels To Get That SI Look
If You Have To Use Pop-Up Flash, Do This
Using A Second Flash
Controlling Your Second Flash (Nikon)
Controlling Your Second Flash (Canon)
How Far Back Can You Stand Using Flash?
How To Stand Back Even Farther
Controlling Light To Add Drama
Shooting Sunset Portraits With Flash

Building A Studio From Scratch

Studio Backgrounds
Using Studio Flash (Called Strobes)
Softening Harsh Studio Strobes
Why I Prefer Softboxes To Umbrellas
What A Speed Ring Does (& Why You Need It)
Using A Molding Light
Firing Your Studio Strobe
Firing Your Studio Strobe Wirelessly
Using Contiguous Light Instead
Choosing The Size For Your Softbox
Why You Really Need A Light Meter
How To Use A Light Meter
Adding A Hair Light
Where To Position Your Hair Light
Testing Your Hair Light’s Position
Keeping Your Hair Light From Spilling
Which Mode To Shoot In
Where To Position Your Main Light
Using A Fan For Windblown Effects
Want Softer, More Even Light? Feather It?
What That Extra Panel In Your Softbox Does
Using A Pop-Up Collapsible Background
The Least Expensive Extra Light
Three Backgrounds For The Price Of One
Using Off-Camera Flash To Light Backgrounds
The Advantage Of Shooting Tethered
Getting Super-Saturated Background Color
Lighting A White Background
Which Color Reflector To Use
Where To Position A Reflector
Reflectors Without An Assistant
Seeing The Light From Your Reflector
Keep Light From Hitting Background

Shooting Portraits Like A Prayer

Don’t Leave To Much Headroom
Shoot In Portrait Orientation
Shooting Portraits? Get A Battery Grip!
The “Sun Over Your Shoulder Rule” Is Bogus
Shoot Wide & Zoom In Tight
Shoot Profile Shots In Horizontal
Shoot Long For More Flattering Portraits
Why Diffusers Rock For Outdoor Portraits
Making A Better Background For Portraits
Trendy Composition Tip
Cropping Off The Top Of Their Head
Group Photos Are Easier Outdoors
Tip For Posing Group Portraits
Great Tip For Casual Group Shots
Don’t Light You Entire Subject Evenly
Want Better Portraits? Don’t Count Down!
Window Light: Where To Position Your Subject
Window Light: Where You Should Shoot From
Six Quick Tips For Fixing Facial Challenges
Don’t Shoot With Their Shoulders Straight On
Making Your Subject Look Slimmer
Using A Poser Chair
Keeping Your Subject “In The Zone”
Avoid Dappled Light
Window Light: Where To Position Your Reflector
Get Couples Really, Really Close
Which Color Reflector To Use
Shoot Outdoor Portraits Shallow
Minimizing Shadows Under The Eyes

Shooting Landscapes Like A Pro

The Secret To Shooting Sunsets
Cutting Reflection In Water
For Landscapes You Need A Clear Subject
Using Your LCD Monitor Outdoors
How To Shoot A Panorama That Works
How To Have Photoshop CS3 Put It Together
Shoot Fast When Shooting Landscape Panos
A Timesaving Pano Trick
The Trick To Using A Fisheye Lens
When To Shoot Streams
Don’t Stop Shooting At Sunset
How To Shoot Fog
Getting Shots Of Lightning (Manually)
Getting Shots Of Lightning (Automatically)
A Trick For Shooting Great Rainbows
Removing Distracting Junk
Where To Focus For Landscapes Shots
Find The Great Light First
How To Shoot On A Gray, Overcast Day
A Trick For Great-Looking Flower Shots
The Full Frame Camera Advantage

Shooting Weddings Like A Pro

Create A Shot List
Have Backups For Everything!
Silencing Your Camera’s Beep
Backlighting Your Bride
Don’t Change Lenses, Change Cameras
Bring A Stepladder For A Higher Vantage Point
Why You Want A Second Shooter
When To Shoot In RAW
Where To Aim Your Flash
Shoot In Lower Light Without Raising Your ISO
A Recipe For Balanced Flash In Church
Add B&W To The Album
The Advantage Of A Flash Bracket
Tip For Posing The Bride
Keeping The Detail In The Bridal Gown
Getting More Flashes Per Wedding
How To Lessen Noise In Your Photos
Tips For Shooting The Brides Profile
Wedding Zoom Effect Made Easy
Read David Ziser’s Digital Pro Talk Blog Daily

Shooting Travel Like A Pro

In This Case, Less Gear Is Good
Working People Into Your Travel Shots
Getting People To Pose
What To Shoot On Overcast Days
Shooting From Your Hotel Room
The Magic Time For Cityscapes
Get These Shots Out Of The Way First
Shooting Famous Landmarks
Air Travel With Photo Gear
Shoot The Food
Get A GPS For Your Digital Camera
Shooting Where They Don’t Allow Flash
Look For High Vantage Points
Give Yourself A Theme

Shooting Macro Like A Pro

Maximize Your Depth Of Field
Why You Should Turn Auto-Focus Off
Don’t Touch That Shutter Button!
Which F-Stop Works Best
Point-&-Shoot Macro Photography
A Tip For Visualizing Macro
Why You Might Want To Shoot Indoors
Buying A Macro Lens
Perfect, Even Light For Macro Shots
Making Your Lens Into A Macro Lens

Pro Tips For Getting Better Photos

Which Mode To Shoot In
Choosing The Right ISO
Which Format To Shoot In (RAW, JPEF, Or TIFF)
Which Size To Shoot In
WHIMS Will Keep You Out Of Trouble
How To Lock Focus
Zooming In Close? Use A High Shutter Speed
When It’s Okay To Erase Your Memory Card
Why You Need To Get In Really Close
What To Use Your Histogram For
Leave Your Lens Cap Off
Removing Spots & Specks After The Fact
What Looks Good In Black & White
Recompose, Don’t “Fix It” In Photoshop
Want To Be Taken Seriously? Start Editing
Label Your Memory Cards
Go Square
Tips For Shooting At Night (Long Exposure Noise)
The Very Next Book You Should Get

More Photo Recipes To Help You Get “The Shot”

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