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December 17, 2011

All Major Photo Gear Current Rebates and Direct Links to the Best Prices!

Rebates Pic

If your in the market be sure to check and see if there any rebates you can take advantage of!! I know the Holidays are near and any money saved is a great thing in these tuff times.

Speaking of the Holidays, if you would like to give back to it would be greatly appreciated. How you might wonder?  Simply clicking on any product link or using the Store Search Boxes to start your shopping experience will do the trick!!

All this does is bring you to the given product you clicked on or searched for, with our “tag” attached. This tells or, that you came from Here. We will intern receive credit for that referral. If  you decide to purchase something we will get a very small commission credit for that sale. This is how websites like this make money just so you know. The Google Ads trickle in pennies unless you have gigantic amounts of traffic like dpreview for ex… So, If you appreciate our efforts creating all the original articles, reviews, and tutorials(, giving back by by riding a link or search would be very appreciated!  Sorry for the long windiness here, but it’s important to me that you know how things work! Especially if your a loyal reader!

Now for some goodies:

Rebates for all the major brands. Just click your brand of interest and you’ll be taken directly to their current rebate offers!!

Tamron Rebates Lexar Rebates Sandisk Rebates Printer Rebates Sony Rebates Nikon Rebates

Discounts on Sony lenses and Accessories at

Other Rebates, Deals, and Discounts at BHPhotoVideo:

Lexar Memory Cards Deals

Lensbaby Rebates

Tamron Lens Rebates Expires 12/31/2011

Printer Deals some are expiring Nov 28 2011 through Dec 31 2011

Sandisk Quantity Discount

Search for anything at Amazon below or BHPhotoVideo to the Right >>


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