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July 24, 2013

A few Sony Related Videos and Tutorials Worth Checking Out!

Nex-7 w/ Canon 135mm f/2 Lens

I’ve done some re-search over the past few days and I came across a few Sony related videos and photography tutorials that I thought you might want to check out!

I found a pretty interesting overview of the Mirrorless Camera system by Ted Forbes, that is worth checking out. Especially if your new to the concept of mirrorless cameras, although most of you are not. I also found a few quality Sony reviews that are worth checking out even if you already have seen mine. It’s always nice to see a different take on a camera, and the reviews I posted are really good in my opinion.

After that I have a bunch of high quality video tutorials that are excellent and highly recommended if your new to photography and trying to get better and/or understand it all. It can be daunting, but you need to start somewhere, so why not with a few videos first?I also have a ton of tutorials on my Youtube Channel (Click Here), and in the Tutorials Category (Click Here) on this website. You can also ask questions if you have them and I will try my best help you out!

Mirrorless Cameras | Sony Nex-7

Courtesy of TheArtofPhotography – Ted Forbes

In this video, we’ll take a look at the new breed of mirror-less cameras that are being introduced to the market. Basically mirror-less cameras are designed to direct the image from the sensor straight to an electronic viewfinder, effectively bypassing the traditional mirror reflex system found in traditional SLR and DSLR cameras.

By doing away with the traditional design, these cameras can be made much smaller and combine some of the best features of DSLR cameras and point-and-shoot. The size and ergonomics are unbelievably good. The low light performance and resolution are on par with most modern DSLR’s. You also have the option of interchangeable lenses. And because the sensor is so close to the lens flange, if you can find an adaptor you can use almost any lens you want on these things. Old C-mount television studio lenses? Obsolete Canon FD manual focus lenses? No problem! Get a $30 adapter for the lens you want to use and you’re in business!


Sony Video Reviews

Sony Nex-3n Review

Courtesy of Engadget:

Last year, Sony’s peculiar move to beef up its entry-level NEX left us puzzled, and generally unimpressed. The NEX-F3 was a fine mirrorless camera by most accounts, but its larger footprint left us hoping for a next-gen offering more in line with its predecessor, the NEX-C3 — a tried-and-true shooter that many Engadget staffers still turn to for review photos and trade shows, thanks to its consistent performance and light weight. We were quite relieved, then, to see that this year’s device represented a return to the 2011 design, with a few very compelling additions, to boot.


Sony Nex-3n Review

Courtesy of the TheDigitalDigest:


Another Sony Nex-6 Review

by TheDigitalDigest:

Here is my full review of the Sony NEX-6. It is a stand out in the current crop of mirror-less interchangeable lens cameras. If quality, capability, size and flexibility are all important to you then the NEX-6 may be the perfect camera for you. Watch and find out! Enjoy!


Sony Nex-7 vs Sony Nex-6

Hands on review with the great new Sony NEX 6 – here compared head to head with the NEX 7 – the 24 megapixel beast.


Sony Exmor and Exmor R CMOS Camera Sensors Explained

Courtesy of Point Grey TV:

What are Sony’s Exmor and Exmor R CMOS sensor technologies? I give a quick summary of what they are and how they benefit camera performance in machine vision, scientific and security applications.


High Quality Photography Tutorials

Better Photographic Composition – Beyond the Rule of Thirds

In this Event Space seminar, David Brommer covers the basic concepts of composition as established by the masters of the Renaissance. Commencing with the classic rule of thirds and leaping into theories of color and balance, David touches upon a range of topics, including image construction, positive and negative space, as well as other advanced composition.

Courtesy of BHPhotoVideoProAudio:


How to Photograph Events and Make Money Doing It

n this Event Space presentation Jeff Cable gives information on how event photographers can make more money and have more fun at their work. He shares many of his trade secrets to help you learn better photography and better marketing skills to build your photography business. Over the last 6 years, Jeff has developed a unique approach when shooting Bar / Bat Mitzvahs, weddings and other events.

Courtesy of BHPhotoVideoProAudio:


Shooting Great Portraits With the Minimal Amount of Gear

This presentation is designed to help the non-pro take professional level portraits with the minimal amount of gear. Learn how to pick good locations (indoors and outdoors), use creative lighting techniques, connect with your subject and then retouch the images to make your subjects look amazing.


Controlling the Light: Beginners Guide to Off-Camera Lighting and Control

This Event Space Workshop led by Erik Valind covers the characteristics of light, camera settings that control that light, and the steps for building an off-camera lighting setup.

Courtesy of BHPhotoVideoProAudio:


Closing Remarks:

That is all for now, but be sure to check out the latest Sony E-Mount lens reviews including the Zeiss E-Mount Touit 12mm f/2.8 Lens Review (Click Here), and the Sigma E-Mount Art series Lens Review (Click Here).

I’ll catch up with you all later, and have a great day!


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