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Sony A7 III vs Sony RX100 IV?
Mirrorless Camera Testing

Sony A7 III vs Sony RX100 VI? Full Frame vs 1 inch Sensor, Ultimate Power vs Ultimate Convenience…

Posted  August 13, 2018  by  Jay

Hello everybody! In this article I’m going to compare the latest Sony Full Frame Mirrorless A7 III vs the latest Ultra Compact Pro Power House RX100 VI. You might be thinking, really Jay? Well, not so fast friends!! Imagine you have the money to buy the A7 III w/ kit lens ($2198), and your thinking […]

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Camera Specific Tutorials

Sony RX100 VI Raw Files? Not Supported Yet, What To Do! Use FREE Sony Imaging Edge Software

Posted  August 10, 2018  by  Jay

Sony RX100 VI Raw Files are not supported yet by Lightroom and other popular software, so what you need to do in the meantime is download the free software that Sony provides called Imaging Edge. You can download it for free Click Here >> This happens from time to time if you get a camera […]

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Camera News

New Sony RX100 VA Vs RX100 V vs RX100 VI? Which Is Best For You?

Posted  August 9, 2018  by  Jay

Sony recently announced another RX100 VA camera to compliment the newest 6th generation RX100 VI which I broke down here >> The New RX100 VA is more like the RX100 V, but with some newer upgrades that the RX100 VI offers. Currently the RX100 VA is $998 , and the RX100 V is currently $100 […]

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Yuneec Typhoon H Review
Drone Reviews

Yuneec Typhoon H Hexacopter Review – Best Drone 2018?

Posted  August 7, 2018  by  Jay

In this Yuneec Typhoon H Hexacopter Drone Review I will go over everything you need to know! Your first thought might be; What do I need a Drone for?” or “What makes the Yuneec Typhoon H so awesome compared to the similar priced competition?” Well, lets get into all that shall we!! If your like […]

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Drone News

Just Got the Yuneec Typhoon H To Try Out!! Looking To Upgrade my Yuneec Q500 Quadcopter….

Posted  July 14, 2018  by  Jay

I got my Yuneec Q500 Quadcopter about 2 years ago and I absolutely love it, but I have a few issues now that I have a few projects in mind, and I’m thinking about upgrading to the awesome looking Yuneec Typhoon H Hexcopter. So, I ended up getting a YUNEEC Typhoon H Hexacopter with Intel […]

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Sony A-Mount Lens to NEX Camera Mount Adapter

A Closer Look at Sony’s A-Mount Lens to NEX Camera Mount Adapter!! (LA-EA2)

If you own a Sony Nex Camera or your considering a Sony Nex camera and want super fast and accurate Phase Detection Autofocus like the Alpha 65, the Sony A-Mount Lens to NEX Camera Mount Adapter (LA-EA2) is for you!  Shoot spo...
by Jay



A few Killer Black Friday Deals for Sony Photographers!! has some amazing re-bates going on and I put together a few tables of stuff that may peak your interest 😉 Sony DSLR Alpha Instant Savings >> Scandisk Quantity discount >> Tamron Lens Rebates Expir...
by Jay

sony A7 and A7r bundle Deals!


I have not posted a deals and rebates article in a while, but this one is too good not to share! Save up to $650 when you bundle lenses and other accessories from Sony. Like what you might ask? Well how about the saving $650 wh...
by Jay


Sony A7s Hdr Photography

Sony A7s and HDR Photography – Sample Photos, How-To

I love HDR Photography, and the lower resolution full frame Sony A7s really needed to be tested out! I ended finding this recently abandoned facility that happened to have a wide open gate in front to my surprise! So, I drove i...
by Jay

New Sony FE lenses e-mount

Four New Sony FE lenses Breakdown and Pre-Order Links Plus More…

Sony officially announces four new full frame E-mount lenses (FE Lenses), which consist of really expensive and fast 35mm f/1.4 ZA lens, a killer looking 90mm f/1.8 OSS Macro G Lens, a super zoom 24-240mm OSS lens and reasonabl...
by Jay



DXOMark A77 Sensor Score Results are in: Sony A77 on Par with Canon and Nikon Full Frames!!!

Courtesy of  SonyAlphaRumors, DXOmark just posted the Sony A77 Sensor Scores and it rates on par with the Full Frame Canon and Nikon’s!!  Canon and Nikon must be shacking in there boots now. All these rumors that the tr...
by Jay

bh photography podcast

Get Off Your Fat Blog and Take a Photo – B&H Photograpphy Podcast

I was recently on the New B&H Photography Podcast titled “Get Off Your Fat Blog and Take a Photo”. It was an awesome experience, and I think the podcast came out really well. The podcast was about Photography We...
by Jay


Sony Alpha 35 Sample Photos - High ISO Test Shots - ISO 25600

Sony Alpha 35 (SLT-A35) High ISO, Multi-Frame NR, Full Res Sample Photos

The Sony a35 has incredible High ISO image quality and in this article I will break it down for you so it’s easy to see for yourself. I also want to point out that the Sony a35 has a special low light ISO mode known as Mu...
by Jay


Sony is working on some new Sensor Technology that appears to be Revolutionary!!

Courtesy of SonyAlphaRumors I came across this incredible news!! Sony’s patented imaging device using a photochromic film”Biomaterials Chemical Technology” Sony is by using a photochromic film dynamic range im...
by Jay



The Digital Photography Book – Volume 2, By Scott Kelby


Bottom Line 5 / 5 - Incredible
Best Selling Author
by Jay


Lightroom 4 – Creating BW Presets and a Free BW Preset with Sample Pics!!

In this video tutorial I will go over how to create BW presets in Adobe Lightroom 4. It’s a very simple yet powerful feature that can drastically speed up your workflow if taken advantage of!! I have tons of presets and u...
by Jay


Sony Bodyless lens camera

Latest Sony Camera News, Rumors, Rebates, Killer Deals, and More…

Lots of exciting Sony Camera news and rumors this last week including a New Lens Camera, Nex Full Frame Updates, Three New Sony Full Frame Sensors, and Hasselblad is at it again, but this time a little more reserved. The web is...
by Jay


Sony Alpha a55 – High ISO Testing

I was cooking some steaks the other night for Michele and I and took the opportunity to put the Sony a55 into a super High ISO test situation. The results speak for themselves at ISO 12800 with Extreme Dynamic Range. I was hand...
by Jay



Sony Nex-C3 HD Video – Layla goes for Ice Cream :)

For this video I took several short clips and combined them using iMovie. I then uploaded the finished movie directly to YouTube via iMovie as 1280 x 720. I did not do any color correction or video enhancement whatsoever. I wan...
by Jay

Sony A6500 - Auto Power OFF Temp.

Update: Sony A6500 Overheat Testing – 4k Video Recording

The Sony A6500 overheated on me while recording 4k video after about 45 minutes total recording. From a cold camera it took ~28min of straight 4k recording @ 100mb until the camera overheated and shut off…  Note: I had...
by Jay



Google+ Dailey Theme List, Photo Themes, Contests

Courtesy of Eric’s Landscape Photography here is the current list of Google + Daily Themes if you want to play with the rest of us Photographers and/or enthusiasts!! I guarantee you will see some of the most amazing photo...
by Jay

Rokinon 8mm Fisheye Lens

Rokinon E-Mount 8mm f/3.5 Fisheye Review – Sample Photos and 100% Crops

In this E-Mount Lens Review I’m going to go over the E-Mount Rokinon f/3.5 8mm Fisheye lens using the Sony Nex-7 as the camera body. The fish eye lens by nature seems to be a love or hate type of relationship I’ve n...
by Jay



Exposure and Manual Mode Explained Using the Sony Alpha A7r

In this video tutorial and article, I will explain how to use manual mode on the Sony Alpha A7r, but will first go over exposure and the exposure triangle. It’s important to understand each element of the exposure triangl...
by Jay


How To: Take Pictures using the autoHDR Feature with Sony Cameras

In this How To video Paul Tucker and Paul Genge talk about using High Dynamic Range (HDR) for taking better and clearer photographs when in situations where lighting variations (such as backlight) might affect the outcome of th...
by Jay