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    February 3, 2012

    Intro to HDR Photography – HDR Photography Explained in Detail

    HDR - BWM M3

    In this 10 minute video tutorial I will go over the science and technology behind HDR Photography. I will explain what it is, how it works, and what you need to do in order to give it a try yourself!! After watching this video tutorial you will certainly understand what High Dynamic Range Photography is all about!!

    After that be sure to check out some of my favorite HDR Photos just below the video ;) Also, be sure to ask questions below if you have any!!



    HDR - BWM M3

    HDR Photography - Claw

    HDR Photography - Salisbury Mills Bridge

    HDR - Silver Lake Fire


    Many More Sample HDR Pics over on my Google+ HDR Gallery >>

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    1. David Poteet

      I just bought a new Sony a57, and love it. I have been using a Canon G11. I like HDR photography. With my Canon I set the camera on RAW and setup a three shot bracket at 1 ev over and under normal at f8. I then process the RAW files through PhotoMax thru Lightroom 4.
      Can I do this with the A57?
      Please help!

      • Jay

        Hi David,

        Sony for some reason limits the bracketing to .3 ev and .6 ev’s, and you can enable this by going into the drive modes and selecting the bracketing option, then on the screen you will see and other option to change the EV amount.

        You can then use the exposure comp and simple take 6 images or just the 3 if it is enough. The other option of course is Manual mode, or exposure comp which is slower.

        I hope this helps!


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