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December 28, 2011

Adobe Lightroom – Getting the Most from your Raw files!! – Episode #2

Screen shot 2011-12-28 at 7.29.17 AM

In this Lightroom 3 video tutorial I’ll go through several techniques and explain while enhancing my own raw files. Lightroom 3 is a  image/video database manager that also happens to be the best raw processing program out there in my opinion.

I notice Raw shooting become more and more prominent in the Sony alpha community. I also have played with the Sony raw files from the a580, a77, Nex-5N, and they all develop really well. You would be amazed at how much you can bring back from the highlights and bring out from the shadows. Not to mention fixing the color, contrast, sharpness, noise, crop, etc…

Get the most out of your camera and get the best prints possible by shooting Raw!!

Sit back and enjoy yourself in this 30+ minute Adobe lightroom 3 video tutorial that covers  all sorts of enhancing methods and concepts. I will be developing several raw files and I chose a nice variety  ranging from flowers, dogs, and waterfalls. We will cover basic developing such as: highlights, shadows, lens correction, discuss the tone curve a bit, vignette, adjustment brush, clone/ healing tool, cropping, and more… A must watch if your interested in Raw Processing and/or developing photos in Lightroom.

I made this video for my other website so don’t worry about the branding; It’s me



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