November 25, 2011

A Closer Look at Sony’s A-Mount Lens to NEX Camera Mount Adapter!! (LA-EA2)

Sony A-Mount Lens to NEX Camera Mount Adapter

If you own a Sony Nex Camera or your considering a Sony Nex camera and want super fast and accurate Phase Detection Autofocus like the Alpha 65, the Sony A-Mount Lens to NEX Camera Mount Adapter (LA-EA2) is for you!  Shoot sports with true accuracy and have a huge boost in performance in low light as the tradition Contrast AF in the Nex cameras just cannot compare. Basically the Nex systems have everything a real dslr has image quality wise, but lacks Phase Detection Auto Focus, because it’s so thin. This adapter allows your E-mount camera to enjoy high speed, accurate TTL phase detection auto focus for both still and video capture, and has a built in focus motor for those A-mount lenses that need one, like the 85mm f/1.4 Carl Zeiss.

Official Features:

Translucent Mirror Technology Built-In
  • The LA-EA2 is the first adaptor in the world to include Sony’s exclusive Translucent Mirror Technology and Phase Detect AF sensor.
TTL Phase Detection AF for Video and Stills
  • Allows your E-mount camera to enjoy high speed, accurate TTL phase detection auto focus for both still and video capture.
A-Mount Adaptor
  • The LA-EA2 Adaptor allows you to attach the full range of Sony A-mount lenses.
AE Support
  • An aperture drive mechanism enables AE with all A-mount lenses except teleconverters.
Special Notes from Sony
1. AF not available with STF lenses and teleconverters.
2. Teleconverter lenses and Minolta Xi lenses are not compatible.
3. Aperture setting for video capture is fixed at the maximum aperture of the lens or f/3.5, whichever is lower (AF-C).
Sony A-Mount Lens to NEX Camera Mount Adapter

Sony A-Mount Lens to NEX Camera Mount Adapter

Sony A-Mount Lens to NEX Camera Mount Adapter

Sony A-Mount Lens to NEX Camera Mount Adapter


LA-EA2 lens Adapter Testing


The LA-EA2 Alpha-mount adapter, which provides the NEX series with a truly unique feature: phase detection autofocus.

This is a must have item if your a sports shooter and want to take your Nex on the field for some serious work. And I mean serious as you’ll need an A-mount lens for the job!!

Something like this  perhaps??

Minolta MD 1600mm Reflex Lens and Nex-5. Photo courtesy of sonyalphanex.

Minolta MD 1600mm Reflex Lens and Nex-5

Minolta MD 1600mm Reflex Lens and Nex-5

Sony A-Mount 500mm f/4 G Lens

Sony A-Mount 500mm f/4 G Lens

Sony A-Mount 500mm f/4 G Lens

Or this lens would make things easy, fun, and it’s a killer long term investment in my opinion!

Sony 70-400mm f/4-5.6 G SSM Autofocus Lens

Sony SAL-70400G 70-400mm f/4-5.6 G SSM Autofocus Lens

Closing remarks

As you can see, the LA-EA2 lens adapter adds some serious power to your Nex camera system! If you need faster focus, or just want to use the larger and higher quality A-mount lenses on your Nex camera, this is a great option. The LA-Ea1 lens adapter is very similar, but it does not have the translucent mirror or phase detection AF built in. So you will have Contrast AF only when using that adapter vs the LA-EA2.


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  1. tony

    has this mount been rendered obsolete with the introduction of dual AF that we see in some of the NEX cameras now?

  2. Graham

    Thanks for the info: does the image stabilisation still work on these? If so what does the “SteadyShot not supported” message mean on this page (with the SAL70300G lens)


    • Jay

      No, stabilization is in the camera, not on the lens. The Nex-6 does not have on camera stabilization.

      Sorry for the delayed reply, I clearly missed your comment somehow!


  3. Alex

    I used this LA_EA2 adapter with a Carl Ziess 24-70 mm F2.8 on my NEX-6 to shoot a wedding.

    Until then I’d always been a little disappointed in the NEX-6 images, sometimes the sharpness and the focus just wasn’t quite right. However, with the combo above the NEX-6 is transformed. I have never taken such pin sharp and vibrant photos. It is clear that the sensor in the NEX-6 is not the weak point (more likely its the Hybrid AF ,which is good, but can be caught out without too much effort).

    They look absolutely tack sharp and fantastic.

    Surprisingly the above combo + the big bad FM-60 flash gun wasn’t a ball ache to use either! It actually felt quite nice. You hold the whole shebang by the lens rather than the camera and it really made for some steady hand holding. Had that thing on a Joby Sling all day as well…. totally fine!

    Honestly, this adapter is a must have. E-mount lenses are fine for most things, especially travel. But when you have a special occasion that might call for even higher quality, this adapter gives you it (via access to great A-mount lenses) without needing a second camera body.

    • Jay

      Hi Alex,

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience with the LA-EA2 lens adapter. You description and experience is exactly what the Sony engineers had in mind!! The versatility is why the Nex system is so powerful and you summed it up perfectly. The Hybrid af is awesome, but not the same as full PDAF with a translucent mirror ;)

      How you liking that flash?? I’m thinking about reviewing it next month on my Nex-6. Perhaps I’ll review an A-Mount lens with the LA-EA2 lens adapter again. I have not done that in a long time, and Sony has some new Pro A-Mount glass I would love to try :)

      Thanks again Alex,


  4. Ron

    I have a NEX-VG30, would this adapter work with that unit? (especially for Video)



    • Jay

      Hi Ron,

      Yes, it will work on the Nex VG-30!

      Using the LA-EA2 adaptor (sold separately) you can attach the full selection of A-Mount lenses, which includes current Sony models and dozens of Minolta legacy lenses.


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