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October 3, 2011

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Google+ is incredible and I plan on taking full advantage of it’s power!! I’ll be updated it daily with all sorts of info and posts from the web that are relevant in addition to our content of course 😉

For Now I have a up a few Galleries of the most recent Alpha Camera Reviews, and I would greatly appreciate your thoughts and or input on the Google+.  People to follow, features, recommendations, etc..

Why your there, be sure to sign up and follow us!

Photo Details

Photo Details

Check out these galleries and how cool they look on Google+!  Also be sure to click on an image once in the gallery, and that will bring you to a large Gallery view. Once there you can select the actions button on the bottom right of the photo your viewing. In there you can view Photo Details for the Exif info.

Nex-5N – Sample Gallery

Nex-C3 – Sample Gallery

Alpha 35 (SLT-A35) – Sample Gallery




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