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July 26, 2011

Sony announces HVL-F43AM flash for Alpha DSLR and SLT

Screen shot 2011-07-28 at 9.41.14 PM

Today, Sony announced a new mid-level flash for Alpha users, the HVL-F43AM. It succeeds the previous model HVL-F42AM unit and offers the innovative ‘Quick Shift Bounce’ that was only reserved for the higher end HVL-F58AM model. It has a slightly stronger flash output with a guide number of 43 and has a new menu and layout design, similar to the higher end flash. In addition to this, the flash also offers wireless ratio control which makes it easier to control other flash units (3 maximum). It also features a dust and moisture resistant design which makes it suitable for shooting outdoors and indoors.

Sony HVL-F58AM Flash


Wireless Ratio Control allows customers to wirelessly control up to three groups of flashes, as well as specify the luminosity ratio for each group, so they can enjoy multiple-flash lighting techniques without the need for special equipment or tedious exposure settings.

sony HVL-F43AM

Built-In Bounce sheet

The built-in bounce sheet can be used even when shooting in a vertical position without changing the angle of reflected light.

Sony HVL-F43AM Fmash
sony hvl-f43am flash

“Quick Shift Bounce”

The innovative “Quick Shift Bounce” system allows the HVL-F43AM to orbit 90 degrees left and right, allowing you to maintain horizontal light distribution even when shooting vertically. In addition to pivoting side-to-side, the flash unit can also tilt down 8 degrees or back 150 degrees, ensuring customers the lighting freedom they need to capture that perfect shot.

Fill the frame with the perfect amount of light with this high-powered flash. Designed specifically for your Sony ? DSLR camera, this flash features wireless functions and a wide illumination range.


Weights and Measurements

  • Dimensions (Approx.) : (WHD) 3 x 5-1/8 x 3-1/2″ (75 x 129 x 87 mm)
  • Weight (Approx.) : 12 oz (340g) (excluding AA batteries)


  • Flash Type : Auto electronic flash (clip-on type)
  • Flash Modes : Automatic Light Control (TTL), Continuous (10 flashes/second, up to 40), pre-flash control, manual control
  • Flash Coverage : Bounce angles: Upward – 150 degrees; Left – 90 degrees; Right – 90 degrees; Down – 8 degrees
  • Flash Metering System : Direct TTL
  • Guide Number : 43
  • Modes : Wireless, Bounce, Modeling, Multi-burst
  • Number of Flashes : 10/sec. up to 40 total
  • Power Source : Four AA-size batteries, Alkaline of Ni-MH
  • Recycling Time : 2.9sec


  • Battery Type : AA Alkaline /AA Ni-MH – requires 4

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